• Successful TV shows for ENTREPRENEURS & STARTUPS.
  • Recruitment and Branding solutions.
  • TV shows for college segment and on Demand training on TV.
  • Experienced marketing team. Team has collective 40+ years of experience in relevant areas.
  • 100+ Investors across world on OXUS INVESTORS FORUM.
  • Expert panel and mentors across all verticals.
  • Incubation partners across India.
  • Technology partners.
  • Lending partners.
  • Banking partners.
  • Accelerators.


OXUS will be an On Demand solution available to access as service for job seekers over the SMS platform and to provide recruitment and training solutions. The solution will initially have features that will enable the key stake holders (job seeker, organizations and government sector) collaborate and network effectively. The product is unique and the market is huge and open. The features bundled with the organizations providing their company information along with job vacancies on Audio/Visual medium. The prospective job seeker will get direct information and would get required information through SMS. Some of the important features of Oxus TV which are currently built in are listed below:

Generating job seekers database nation wide

Jobseeker sends his data to OXUS through SMS and gets registered

Jobseeker gets registration message with code from OXUS

Oxus team approaches companies and government departments

Oxus team makes cold calls and gets companies on board for recruitment and training needs

Corporate/Government sector get time slot in OXUS TV based on their requirements

Oxus acts as interactive platform

Job seeker sends SMS with interest on seeing job vacancy code on OXUS.

Oxus team divert prospective candidate to company and company takes it from there


  • Sourcing

    Creating database of all job seekers across the nation through SMS. Setting up TV channel to provide information to all stakeholders.

  • Production

    In house production. Strong back end office to interact between applicants and companies.

  • Sales & Distribution

    Selling time slots to organizations for recruitment and training needs. Partnership with training institutes and state government departments.

  • Marketing & Support

    TV, Radio, newspapers and local events to create awareness. Establishing customer support centres.

  • Customer Insight

    Customer Insight Management program in place. 100 plus customer feedback added every month


MEDICAID ETHOS PVT LTD (MEPL) is a global venture for Innovation Driven Economy. Presently MEPL act as Strategic board advisors and Mentors for both Indian and foreign companies.

  • Mentor – Oxus Projects.
  • Park way Gleangles Global Hospital- Advisor in chief for Heart failure program and transplant.
  • Global strategic Advisor Malaysia.
  • Global Advisor MyMobileuni- Malaysia.
  • Global Advisor Kiesie International University - South Korea.
  • Cigna TTK - Business Mentor.
  • Strategic Board advisor - Vardhman health specialties Pvt Ltd.
  • Mentor- Studenting Era.
  • Strategic Mentor – Lendbox.