Career by choice OR chance

In the wake of stressful job routine, we quite often tend to loose our focus on our career. Most of us get confused between job and the career. I understand career as vision and job as mission on hand.

I have met quiet a lot of people who complains me about work being monotonous. We should understand most of the companies are successful by doing not different things but making things differently, and the same applies to individuals also. Simple techniques to enjoy your job and make successful career are

  1. Be passionate about what you are doing else you will never appreciate yourself.
  2. Love your job but never the company, because you never know when company starts hating you.
  3. Start your career with a brand and subsequently make yourself a brand.
  4. Be a cash cow and always anticipate changes and be adaptable.
  5. Be aware of process, people around you and make sure that your presence is felt in the Company.
  6.  For a long run, become a domain expertise rather a process expertise to understand the total cycle.
  7. Balance your personal and professional life as both are complimentary rather than supplementary.
  8. Emphasize on productive hourly work rather than time work schedule which is waste for both the company and you.
  9. Though “Change is the only constant” be specific in career while seeking change.
  10. Last but not least choose your career by choice not as chance.